AR Gift
My first AR app
For my first AR app (Marker Based Augmented Reality) I started by adding the AndroidSDK Module to Unity and installed Vuforia SDK.
After that, I added a Vuforia AR Camera to the Unity scene.
Then, accessed my Vuforia Developer account, got a License and added a Database. Once the database was created I added a placemarker that I built based on my simple logo and downloaded the database to import in Unity.
After that, I copied the license that I created for this app and pasted into the App License Key in the Vuforia Configuration (in Unity).
Then, I added the image target and the model that I want to show, as a child of the image target. For the model, I have used the Christmas gift built previously.
Finally, I just had to build it for Android, install it on my mobile phone, open the app and point the camera to a place marker and there I have: a 3D Christmas gift popping out of my computer screen.
  • Category: 3D, Augmented Reality, Mobile, Unity, Vuforia
  • Delivered: 2019 December
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