Christmas Tree in Blender
3D Low Poly Christmas Model
As I was envisioning a Christmas project, I started by building 3D assets in Blender, being a Low Poly Christmas Tree the first one.
I started with a cylinder (with 8 vertexes) and then Loop Subdivided in order to stretch some of the parts and build the pine tree effect. With the top part of the tree ready, now we are going to add the trunk (another cylinder).
A star would look really nice on top and for that we will use a pentagonal prism. After that, we select the bases and Extrude them (one by one), so that we can scale it and create the tips of the star. In order to add the star on top of the tree, I had to flatten it, rotate it and reduce its size.
The layout of the Christmas Tree is almost ready, we just need to add some ornaments (icospheres that we will reduce the ratio – to guarantee that Low Poly effect). With the ornaments created, we just add them to the tree.
  • Category: 3D, Blender, Low Poly, Model
  • Delivered: 2019 December
Model in Unity