First Scene
My First Experience with Unity
After getting to know Unity terms, such as Project, Packages, Assets, Prefabs and Scenes, I created my first project.
Once the project was on, I imported the Standard Assets from the Unity Asset Store and then played a bit with the Main Camera, Direction Light, Sky and Navigation. When I started to play with the Terrain (and grass and trees), the scene gained more live and creativity started to jump in. That was when I decided to build a lake and a river around one mountain. Got to know the FPSController and then I have added a Character and the MultipurposeCamera Rig, in order to associate the character movement to the camera.
At the end, I built the scene in WebGL and decided to make it available online.
  • Category: 3D, Unity, Virtual Reality, Web, WebGL
  • Delivered: 2019 November
Live Preview