Simple FPS Game
My first FPS Game with a Blender model
In order to explore more potentialities of Unity, I decided to build an FPS.
For that, I imported the Standard Assets, started by working with the materials and textures, and then I built the terrain with all its details (as grass and trees).
I have used a First Person character. Then I added a gun and configured the crosshair and the shooting sound.
I have built a script, taking advantage of the raycast, so that we can shoot and destroy objects (I made the range public so that I could edit in the Game Engine dashboard).
The objects that can be destroyed will have the tag “Enemy” and, in this case, they will be a model that I made on Blender and Substance Painter (I used this last one for the texture and material).
In order for it to work as expected, once in Unity, I added Box Colliders to the eggs. Some of the eggs will be on top of some crates – the crates will also have the Box Collider, however their tag won’t be “Enemy”, so we won’t be able to destroy them.
As the lighting is a really important component, I took some time to explore each of them. Unity gives us the ability to use different lights and each one affects the scene in a specific way. I will leave some advantages that I have seen for each light bellow:
• If goal is to distribute the light to all areas, I suggest Point Light.
• If the goal is to distribute the light in a specific direction, I suggest Spot Light.
• If the goal is to illuminate the whole scene, like a sun, I suggest Directional Light.
Took care of the post processing and added eggs all over the scene with the “Enemy” tag so that we can destroy them.
  • Category: 3D, Blender, Game, FPS, Unity, Virtual Reality, Web, WebGL
  • Delivered: 2019 November
Live Preview